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adder2 a small poisonous snake found in Europe and Asia; viper. [1/2 definitions]
anaconda any of several large nonvenomous constrictor snakes, esp. a certain South American tree snake that can grow to over twenty feet in length.
antivenin an antitoxin, esp. against snake venom, that is induced in animals by repeated small injections of the venom.
boa constrictor a large nonpoisonous snake native to the American tropics that is pale brown with darker markings and that coils around and crushes its prey.
bushmaster a large, poisonous, tropical American snake.
cobra leather made from the skin of such a snake. [1/2 definitions]
congo eel an eellike salamander of the southeastern United States that has two pairs of small nonfunctioning legs; congo snake.
copperhead a venomous snake of the southeastern United States having a copper-colored body with darker bands. [1/2 definitions]
cottonmouth a poisonous North American snake that lives in swamps; water moccasin.
fang a long pointed tooth, such as the canine tooth of carnivorous animals or the hollow, grooved tooth by which a venomous snake injects its poison. [1/3 definitions]
fer-de-lance a large, venomous snake of Central and South America.
fox snake a harmless rat snake, having a yellowish color with dark patches on the back.
grass snake any of several common small harmless snakes, such as the garter or green snake.
horned viper a highly poisonous snake of Africa, having a hornlike protrusion above each eye; asp.
mamba any of several poisonous snakes found in the African tropics, esp. a black or green tree snake.
milk snake a nonpoisonous king snake found in northeastern North America.
moccasin the water moccasin, a poisonous snake of the southern United States; cottonmouth. [1/3 definitions]
mud snake a bluish black burrowing snake of the southeastern United States, having a red belly and a nonpoisonous spine at the tip of the tail.
ophidian a serpent or snake. [1/2 definitions]
puff adder the hognose snake. [1/2 definitions]
serpent a snake.