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avalanche the sudden rush of a large quantity of snow, ice, or rocks down a mountain. [1/4 definitions]
bank1 to form into a pile or heap, as sand, earth, or snow. [1/6 definitions]
blanket a layer of something, such as snow, clouds, or flowers, that covers a thing or area. [1/5 definitions]
coulee a deep, narrow ravine, esp. in the western United States, cut by rain or melting snow. [1/2 definitions]
crampon a spiked attachment worn on the bottom of shoes or boots to provide grip when walking on snow or ice. [1/2 definitions]
creek a stream, smaller than a river, in some places flowing only after rain falls or snow melts.
crust any hard or crisp external layer, as of snow. [1/7 definitions]
downfall a fall of snow or rain; downpour. [1/3 definitions]
downspout a vertical drainpipe that carries rainwater or melted snow from a roof or gutter to the ground.
drift a mass or bank made up of drifting matter such as snow. [1/11 definitions]
eluviation the movement through soil of material that is in suspension or solution in rainwater or snow melt.
fair1 free from rain, snow, and storms; clear. [1/12 definitions]
flake any small or light piece, esp. of snow. [1/7 definitions]
flurry of snow, to fall lightly and for a short time. [1/4 definitions]
glacier a very large accumulation of ice formed in cold regions from compacted snow and moving very slowly outward or downward on a slope.
graupel precipitation in the form of snow pellets.
igloo an Eskimo hut, often dome-shaped and constructed of blocks of ice or hard snow. [1/2 definitions]
moldboard a large angled blade on the front of a bulldozer or snowplow, used to push loose earth or snow aside. [1/3 definitions]
mush2 to travel over snow by means of a dog sled. [1/2 definitions]
musher one who travels with or drives a dog team, esp. over snow in cross-country sled races.
nimbostratus a low, extensive, dark-gray cloud that precipitates rain, snow, or sleet.