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anklet a sock that reaches slightly above the ankle. [1/2 definitions]
argyle a sock with an argyle pattern. [1/3 definitions]
bootee a baby's soft, boot-like sock, usu. knitted or crocheted. [1/2 definitions]
clock2 a small emblem embroidered or woven on the side of a sock or stocking.
darn1 a mended spot, as in a sock. [1/2 definitions]
foot the part of a sock or stocking that covers the human foot. [1/10 definitions]
instep the part of a shoe, sock, or the like that covers this part of the foot. [1/2 definitions]
sox a pl. of sock1.
toe the front section or end of something that is worn on the foot, such as a slipper or sock. [1/7 definitions]
tube sock a tube-shaped elasticized sock lacking a shaped heel.