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break to soften the impact of. [1/25 definitions]
diffuse to soften or break up (light), as by reflection from an uneven surface. [1/9 definitions]
digest to soften or promote the breakdown of a substance, as by chemical action or heat. [1/8 definitions]
dubbin a mixture of oil and fat used to soften and waterproof leather.
macerate to soften (food or the like) by soaking, as in digestion. [2/4 definitions]
mince to restrain or soften for the sake of courtesy or etiquette. [1/7 definitions]
modulate to vary the loudness, pitch, intensity, or tone of; esp. soften or tone down. [1/6 definitions]
mollify to lessen the rigidity of; soften. [1/3 definitions]
mute to soften the sound or force of. [1/9 definitions]
saddle soap a soap, usu. containing neat's-foot oil, used to clean and soften leather.
softener something that softens, esp. a preparation used in washing to soften fabrics, or a water softener.
soft-pedal to tone down or soften with the soft pedal on a piano. [1/3 definitions]
soft pedal a pedal, as on a piano, used to soften musical tones.
sweeten to make kinder or more pleasant in temperament; soften. [1/5 definitions]
tone down to make less harsh, loud, or bright; soften.
water to dilute or soften with, or as if with, water (often fol. by down). [1/14 definitions]
water softener a chemical compound added to hard water to soften it. [2 definitions]
zeolite a similar silicate that is used to soften water. [1/2 definitions]