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AWACS an aircraft fitted with a radome and carrying sophisticated radar and computer equipment, used for reconnaissance and for directing ground forces, or a warning system employing such aircraft (acronym for "Airborne Warning and Control System").
couth sophisticated or refined in one's manners.
cultured refined in manners or education; sophisticated. [1/4 definitions]
fin de siecle of, concerning, or characteristic of turn-of-the-century ideas and attitudes; formerly, sophisticated and progressive; now, decadent. [1/2 definitions]
glitzy gaudily sophisticated; pretentiously ornate. [1/2 definitions]
gracious elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful. [1/5 definitions]
highbrow one who has or pretends to have highly sophisticated intellectual and cultural interests and tastes (often used disparagingly). [1/2 definitions]
high comedy comedy involving the upper social classes, featuring an intricate plot, sophisticated characterization, and witty dialogue. (Cf. low comedy.)
highlife a sophisticated, showy, luxurious way of living.
high technology any technology that requires or involves sophisticated techniques or equipment, such as genetic engineering or microelectronics; high-tech.
involution something complex or intricate, such as a sophisticated grammatical construction. [1/4 definitions]
oversophisticated combined form of sophisticated.
refine of writing or speaking, to make clearer or more sophisticated through precision, subtlety, or elegance of wording. [1/4 definitions]
savvy (informal) sophisticated and intuitive understanding, esp. of the way organizations work and of people's motives for action. [2/3 definitions]
simpleminded not complex or sophisticated. [1/3 definitions]
slicker (informal) someone with sophisticated or deceptive ways. [1/2 definitions]
smart set sophisticated, fashionable people, considered as a group.
sophisticate one who is sophisticated. [1/3 definitions]
supersophisticated combined form of sophisticated.
ultrasophisticated combined form of sophisticated.
worldling one who is engrossed in or knowledgeable about the world; a worldly, sophisticated, or pleasure-seeking person.