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afterglow the light, or the impression of light, that lingers after its source or cause is gone, as after a sunset. [1/2 definitions]
alee at or toward that side of a ship which is farthest from the source of wind.
anchorage a source or means of stability. [1/4 definitions]
ascribe to attribute (something) to a particular cause or source. [1/2 definitions]
atomic energy a source of power based on this energy, such as that used for the generation of electricity; nuclear energy. [1/2 definitions]
authoritative accepted as correct, true, or reliable as a source of information; official. [1/2 definitions]
authority a source of expert information or opinion. [1/4 definitions]
barite a mineral used as a source of the metal barium; barium sulfate.
bibliography a descriptive list of source materials used in preparing a written work, often referred to in the body of the text. [1/4 definitions]
black eye (informal) a sign or source of disgrace or disrepute. [1/2 definitions]
blessing a special gift or favorable event, esp. one believed to come from a divine source. [1/4 definitions]
boiler a sealed container or system of containers that when used with a source of heat generates steam for heat or power. [1/3 definitions]
booster a segment of a rocket that provides the main source of propulsion during takeoff. [1/4 definitions]
borrow to take (something originating from another source) for one's own use. [1/3 definitions]
botheration a source or cause of bother or annoyance. [1/3 definitions]
bottom the source; essence. [1/11 definitions]
burn to use as a source of energy. [1/14 definitions]
calcium carbide a dark gray crystalline compound used as a dehydrating agent and a source of acetylene gas and calcium cyanimide.
carotene a reddish orange hydrocarbon pigment produced in orange, yellow, and dark green plant parts, and required in human nutrition as a source of vitamin A.
cassiterite a mineral ore, tin dioxide, that is the principal source of tin.
catalog a systematic, usu. annotated, list of book titles, merchandise, or the like that is available in or from a source such as a library, retail store, or mail order merchandiser. [1/5 definitions]