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auction bridge a version of bridge in which players bid for the right to specify which suit will be trump, any extra tricks won beyond the contract being scored toward a game.
circumscribe to determine, mark, or specify the limits of; delimit; define. [1/3 definitions]
classify to specify (documents or other information) as being highly restricted in availability. [1/3 definitions]
covenant to specify as part of an agreement; stipulate. [1/6 definitions]
define to clearly specify. [1/4 definitions]
designate to distinguish by means of description, marks, name, or the like; specify. [1/5 definitions]
destine to specify for or send toward a particular place, end, or purpose. [1/2 definitions]
fourth dimension the dimension of time, required according to the theory of relativity to completely specify an event in space-time.
from used to specify origin. [1/5 definitions]
nail down to specify or settle.
name to call, specify, or mention by name. [2/9 definitions]
particularize to state or specify in detail. [2/3 definitions]
person in grammar, any of three pronoun categories that specify the speaker, the ones spoken to, and the ones spoken about, as first, second, and third person. [1/4 definitions]
point to show direction or location, or to specify, by pointing one's finger. [1/19 definitions]
prespecify combined form of specify.
provide to arrange or specify beforehand. [1/7 definitions]
stipulate to specify or arrange as a condition of an agreement. [2/3 definitions]
the1 used before nouns or noun phrases in order to specify something already understood. [1/11 definitions]
unanimous consent agreement a means by which the U.S. Senate expedites legislative proceedings, calling for members to agree upon a set of terms by which procedures surrounding a piece of legislation will be conducted. Unanimous consent agreements specify items such as a time limit for debate on a bill and who will control the debate.
variance in physics or chemistry, the number of independent thermodynamic variables required to specify equilibrium in a given system. [1/7 definitions]