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coelacanth a large bony fish that was thought to be extinct until a living specimen was found in 1938.
exemplar a typical specimen; example. [1/4 definitions]
honey (informal) something of excellent quality, esp. an outstanding specimen of its kind. [1/6 definitions]
potassium-argon dating a scientific method for dating geological specimens, based on the natural rate of decay of potassium into argon, and the ratio of the two elements in the specimen.
sample such a part used for studying the characteristics of the whole; specimen. [1/4 definitions]
slide a small piece of glass that holds a specimen for viewing under a microscope. [1/14 definitions]
swab a sample or specimen that is removed with this article. [1/6 definitions]
swatch a small sample or specimen cut from something, esp. cloth.
type a specimen of a species, group, or class. [1/8 definitions]
vaccine a specimen of modified, killed, or avirulent viruses or bacteria, used to inoculate persons or animals in order to stimulate their immune systems to protect against virulent strains. [1/3 definitions]