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blue the color of a cloudless sky; the color between green and violet on the spectrum. [1/8 definitions]
centrist a person whose ideology lies near the center of the political spectrum; moderate. [1/2 definitions]
complementary colors two colors of the spectrum, such as green and red, that produce a white or near-white when mixed in the right proportion.
diffraction grating a set of equidistant parallel lines or grooves made very close together on glass or polished metal, used to diffract light and produce a spectrum.
green the color of emeralds or of young, growing foliage; the color lying between yellow and blue on the spectrum. [1/14 definitions]
hue1 any of the variations of color that occur at points on the spectrum; color as distinguished from shades of gray. [1/3 definitions]
indigo the color between blue and violet on the spectrum. [1/3 definitions]
infrared the invisible electromagnetic radiation next to and longer in wavelength than those of the visible red end of the spectrum. [1/2 definitions]
iridescent emitting or reflecting a lustrous play of colors covering the spectrum, like a rainbow. [1/2 definitions]
opalescent exhibiting a spectrum of colors or changing colors like that of an opal; iridescent. [1/2 definitions]
orange the color of this fruit when ripe; the color between red and yellow on the spectrum. [1/5 definitions]
primary color any one of the three basic colors of the spectrum from which all other colors can be made by blending. In paint, they are red, yellow, and blue.
prism a transparent, usu. glass solid with parallel ends of the same size and shape and parallelograms as sides, used to bend light so as to produce the continuous color spectrum of a rainbow. [1/2 definitions]
radio spectrum the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum consisting of radio waves, esp. those most frequently used in radio and television broadcasting, from ten kilohertz to 300 gigahertz.
rainbow an arc in the sky containing the colors of the visible spectrum, which results from the shining of sunlight on water droplets during or after a rain. [1/2 definitions]
red any of several colors that resemble the color of blood; the first color on the spectrum. [1/7 definitions]
resolution the process of separating into constituent parts, as light into the colors of the spectrum. [1/8 definitions]
spectra a pl. of spectrum.
spectral of, pertaining to, produced by, or like a spectrum. [1/2 definitions]
spectro- spectrum.
spectrogram a graphic representation or photograph of a spectrum.