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bobbin a spool or spindle on which thread or yarn is wound for use in sewing, weaving, or the like.
cotton (chiefly British) thread, as on a spool, used for sewing. [1/6 definitions]
quill a spool or spindle upon which yarn or thread can be wound. [1/6 definitions]
reel1 a cylinder, spool, or the like that usu. turns on an axis, and on which cord, wire, tape, film, or the like can be wound. [1/4 definitions]
spinning the act or technique of fishing with light lures and light line wound on a stationary spool. [1/2 definitions]
spool to wind on a spool. [1/3 definitions]
unreel to unwind from or as if from a reel or spool. [1/2 definitions]
wind2 to make into a ball or put onto a spool; roll. [1/11 definitions]