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beaker a flat-bottomed glass cylinder with a beak or pouring spout, used esp. by chemists. [1/3 definitions]
flagon a vessel for serving liquids that has a handle, a spout, and often a top or hinged lid. [1/2 definitions]
gravy boat an elongated, boat-shaped dish, often with a pouring spout, that is used for serving gravy or sauce.
jet1 to spout (something) forth. [1/5 definitions]
jug a container for liquid that usu. has a handle and a narrow spout. [1/7 definitions]
kettle a portable kettle with a spout for making and pouring tea or other hot drinks; teakettle. [1/3 definitions]
nozzle a short, narrow spout or tube fitted to the end of a hose, pipe, or the like, to control and direct a flow or spray of liquid or gas.
pitcher1 a vessel, usu. with a handle and spout, used to contain and pour liquids, esp. for drinking. [1/2 definitions]
scuttle1 a coal pail with a wide lip or spout.
snout something that resembles an animal's snout, such as a nozzle or spout. [1/2 definitions]
spile a tap or spout driven into a sugar maple through which the sap is drawn off. [1/4 definitions]
spurt to rush or squirt out suddenly and forcefully, as liquid, steam, or the like; spout. [2/5 definitions]
teakettle a covered kettle with a handle and spout that is used to boil water.
teapot a covered pot with a spout and handle that is used to make and serve tea.
watering can a container, usu. with a handle and a spout that has a perforated end, for watering plants; watering pot.