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aerosol a liquid substance, such as an insecticide, disinfectant, deodorant, or paint, sealed in a container under pressure and dispensed as a fine spray. [1/2 definitions]
airbrush an atomizer used to apply liquid, usu. paint, in a fine spray.
air gun a device that uses compressed air to blow or spray substances such as insecticides. [1/2 definitions]
atomize to divide into small particles or spray. [1/3 definitions]
atomizer a device that converts a liquid, esp. a medicine or perfume, into a spray.
bombardier beetle any of several beetles that spray an acrid, irritating fluid from the abdomen as a method of self-defense.
defoliant a chemical spray or dust that causes plants' leaves to drop off.
defoliate to cause the leaves of (trees or the like) to drop off, esp. by using a chemical spray or dust, usu. so as to render a forested area unusable by military opponents. [1/4 definitions]
fixative something that functions to make stable or permanent, esp. a spray used to protect art works or a solution to preserve biological material for examination. [1/2 definitions]
fog a gaseous medium in which liquid particles are suspended, such as the spray or foam in some fire extinguishers. [1/8 definitions]
hair spray a liquid fixative applied to the hair from a spray can.
hose to water, spray, soak, or wash with a hose (often fol. by down). [1/3 definitions]
irrigate to wash out or spray during a medical or dental procedure. [1/2 definitions]
Mace trademark for a chemical spray used to temporarily stun an attacker or control a large mob of people. [2 definitions]
nebulize to convert (liquid) to a fine spray.
nozzle a short, narrow spout or tube fitted to the end of a hose, pipe, or the like, to control and direct a flow or spray of liquid or gas.
rinse to dip or spray with water in order to remove soap or superficial dirt or food. [1/4 definitions]
shower1 to wet or spray with a shower of rain or water. [1/11 definitions]
spindrift spray blown from waves by the wind.
spray1 to treat or cover with a spray. [3/8 definitions]
spray can a can in which pressurized gas is used to eject the contents of the can as a spray.