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besprinkle to sprinkle on all parts or sides.
dredge2 to roll in or sprinkle with a substance such as flour or sugar so as to make a coating.
drench to sprinkle with or soak in a liquid to the point of saturation; wet. [1/3 definitions]
flour to sprinkle or coat with flour. [1/4 definitions]
powder to dust or sprinkle with or as if with powder. [1/7 definitions]
salt to sprinkle with salt as a seasoning. [1/10 definitions]
sand to sprinkle or cover with sand, or as with sand. [1/7 definitions]
shower1 to sprinkle or pour down in a shower. [1/11 definitions]
sift to spread or sprinkle using, or as though using, a sieve. [1/6 definitions]
strew to scatter or sprinkle. [2/4 definitions]
sugar to add sugar to or sprinkle sugar on top of. [1/8 definitions]
talc to rub or sprinkle talc on. [1/3 definitions]
water to pour or sprinkle water on. [1/14 definitions]