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11th Amendment an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that guarantees a level of sovereign immunity to states by forbidding federal courts from ruling on cases brought against a state by a citizen of another state. The 11th Amendment, ratified in 1795, was passed after the Supreme Court ruled, in Chisholm v. Georgia, in favor of a citizen of South Carolina who was trying to recover debt that was owed him by the state of Georgia. The passage of the amendment overturned this ruling.
AB2 abbreviation of "Assembly Bill," in the U.S., a proposed law in consideration by a state assembly.
abandon a state in which emotions or impulses control one completely. [1/6 definitions]
abasement the act of bringing down or the state of being brought down in rank, status, or reputation.
-ability capacity or fitness for (such) a state, use, or action.
-able tending toward, capable of, or fit for (such) a state or action. [1/3 definitions]
abnormality the quality, state, or condition of being abnormal. [1/2 definitions]
abolition the act of abolishing or state of being abolished. [1/2 definitions]
abridgment the state of being abridged. [1/3 definitions]
absence the state or condition of being away or not present. [2/3 definitions]
absolution the state or condition of being absolved. [1/3 definitions]
absorption the act of absorbing or state of being absorbed. [1/2 definitions]
acceleration the state or condition of being accelerated. [1/2 definitions]
acceptance the state of being accepted by others; approval. [2/4 definitions]
accommodation the state of being accommodated. [1/6 definitions]
accountability the state or quality of being accountable.
acidity the characteristic or state of being acid. [1/3 definitions]
activity the condition or state of being active. [1/4 definitions]
actuality the state or fact of truly or currently existing; reality. [1/2 definitions]
adaptation the act or process of adapting, or the state of being adapted. [1/3 definitions]
address the place where one resides, designated by the number and name of street or road and the name of city, state, or province. [1/9 definitions]