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carillon a musical instrument composed of a stationary set of bells hung in a tower, usu. played from a keyboard that activates hammers. [1/2 definitions]
cot1 (chiefly British) a stationary bed with high sides for an infant or young child; crib. [1/2 definitions]
crib a stationary bed with high, barred sides for an infant or young child. [1/12 definitions]
derrick a device for lifting and moving heavy loads, usu. consisting of a stationary mast and a rotating boom that projects upward from its base. [1/2 definitions]
electrophoresis the motion of particles, esp. colloids, in a relatively stationary fluid due to the influence of an electric field, usu. provided by immersed electrodes; cataphoresis.
electrostatics the branch of physics dealing with stationary electric charges.
Exercycle trademark for a stationary bicycle used for exercising.
fixate to make stable or stationary; fix. [1/5 definitions]
fixed firmly placed or fastened; unmoving; stationary. [1/5 definitions]
hinge a device, as on a door or lid, usu. consisting of two pieces connected at a joint so that one piece can open, close, or swing upon the other, stationary piece. [1/5 definitions]
kickstand a metal bar located between the wheels of a motorcycle, bicycle, or the like that swings down to balance the vehicle when it is stationary.
nonstationary combined form of stationary.
pew a stationary church bench with a back and often arms at the ends, usu. one of several arranged in rows facing the altar. [1/2 definitions]
radio beacon a stationary source of radio waves that emits a distinctive signal as a navigational aid for ships and aircraft.
rocker arm a pivoted lever or arm attached to a moving or stationary shaft, used to transfer a rocking or pushing motion, as in an automotive engine.
rotor the rotating part of a machine, usu. within a stationary part or housing. [1/2 definitions]
spinning the act or technique of fishing with light lures and light line wound on a stationary spool. [1/2 definitions]
stabile a large abstract sculpture that remains stationary but presents different forms as the viewer walks around it. (Cf. mobile.) [1/3 definitions]
statics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of mechanics dealing with stationary masses or bodies in a state of equilibrium.
stationary engineer a person who operates and maintains stationary engines, such as generators, and other mechanical equipment.
stator the stationary part of a motor, dynamo, turbine, or the like, usu. the housing of a rotor.