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almanac a compendium of astronomical and meteorological statistics and projections. [1/3 definitions]
correlation in statistics, the degree to which two or more attributes or quantities increase or decrease together. [1/3 definitions]
decile in statistics, any of the values that divide a frequency distribution into ten groups of equal frequency, or any one of these groups.
dispersion in statistics, the spread or scattering of data, usu. around some middle point or value. [1/4 definitions]
extrapolate in statistics, to estimate or infer (a value) on the basis of values tabulated or observed. [1/3 definitions]
mode1 in statistics, the value appearing most often in a set of values or data. (Cf. mean, median.) [1/4 definitions]
percentile in statistics, any one of one hundred equal-sized groups into which a great number of test scores or other data are divided for the purpose of ranking.
probability in statistics, a number expressing the degree of likelihood of an occurrence. [1/3 definitions]
random in statistics, of or pertaining to an event that does not have the same result each time it occurs. [2/3 definitions]
statistical of, concerning, or using statistics or the types of mathematical analyses that provide numerical information of a type that allows testing of a hypothesis.
variance in statistics, a measure of the divergence of a set of data from the average value, derived as the mean of the squares of the deviations of individual values from the average. [1/7 definitions]
vital statistics statistics or data having to do with births, deaths, marriages, and other crucial events in human life.
yearbook an annually published book containing information, statistics, and historical data about the previous year. [1/2 definitions]