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angle iron a piece of rolled iron or steel in the form of a right angle along its lengthwise dimension, used in construction for joining parts or as support.
armor plate specially hardened steel plates used to protect vehicles or fortifications.
Bessemer process a process for making steel by blasting hot compressed air through molten pig iron to remove impurities.
billet2 a narrow bar of steel or iron, usu. square in section, that is rolled or forged from an ingot. [1/4 definitions]
brake band a lined, flexible, usu. steel band around a brake drum, which, when tightened, creates the friction of a braking action.
brush1 one of a pair of devices for playing the drums, consisting of a rod with many rigid steel wires attached to the end in a fan shape. [1/8 definitions]
cable a thick, strong rope made of fiber or steel. [1/11 definitions]
calcium oxide a soft white caustic powder used in the treatment of waste, as an industrial alkali, and in the manufacture of steel, glass, plaster, and insecticides; lime; quicklime.
cannonball a round iron or steel projectile to be fired by a cannon. [1/4 definitions]
cast steel steel shaped by casting rather than rolling or forging.
chain-link fence a fence made of interwoven links of galvanized steel.
chromium a chemical element that has twenty-four protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a silver-gray, lustrous, corrosion-resistant solid metal, chiefly used in electroplating, alloys such as stainless steel, or compounds with other elements. (symbol: Cr)
chromium steel a very strong steel that contains chromium.
cold chisel a handleless chisel made of tempered steel with a sharpened edge, used for cutting unheated metal.
converter a furnace that uses the Bessemer process to convert pig iron into steel. [1/5 definitions]
crowbar a heavy steel bar or rod, often with a flattened and bent end, that is designed to be used as a lever.
crucible steel a high-grade steel smelted in a crucible or fused from flux, wrought iron, and carbon, and used to make knives, tools, and dies.
Damascene to ornament (iron or steel) with wavy markings or inlays of gold or silver. [1/6 definitions]
Damascus steel hand-wrought steel, used esp. for sword blades, that is made by repeated folding and welding, thereby creating a pattern of wavy lines; damask steel.
damask steel see Damascus steel.
degauss to neutralize (the magnetic field of a steel ship, chassis, or the like) by means of electric coils; demagnetize.