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abandon to stop pursuing (an activity, goal, or the like); give up; relinquish. [1/6 definitions]
abolish to do away with; put a stop to; end. [1/2 definitions]
abort to stop growing before achieving full development. [1/6 definitions]
acepromazine an oily orange compound used to immobilize large animals, to stop nausea, and to tranquilize.
acupressure a medical technique that seeks to stop bleeding by placing needles in the tissue next to a bleeding vessel. [1/2 definitions]
antipollution designed to decrease or stop pollution of the environment. [1/2 definitions]
arrest to slow down; impede; stop. [1/6 definitions]
astringent having the effect of drawing together, esp. of contracting body tissues so as to stop secretions or bleeding; styptic. [1/4 definitions]
avast used in nautical terminology as a command to stop.
backspin a reverse spin put on a ball, such as a billiard or tennis ball, that causes it to stop suddenly or move in a backward direction.
balk to stop suddenly and refuse to proceed. [1/7 definitions]
balky inclined to stop short and then refuse to proceed; stubborn; obstinate.
belay in nautical terminology, to stop or cease (usu. used as an imperative). [1/6 definitions]
brake1 anything that tends to slow or stop motion or action. [3/5 definitions]
break to stop or disappear suddenly. [1/25 definitions]
bug off (informal) to stop bothering someone and leave.
bungee jumping a recreational activity in which a person harnessed to the end of a long, anchored, elasticized rope, or bungee, steps off a height, rapidly drops hundreds of feet in the air, then bounces up and back down, repeatedly, while the movement gradually slows to a stop.
burn out to stop functioning because of a technical mistake or lack of fuel. [1/2 definitions]
bus stop a point along a bus route where the bus will stop to allow passengers to board or exit.
butt2 a target, or a barrier placed or built behind a target to stop projectiles. [1/5 definitions]
buttonhole to stop and force one's conversation upon. [1/3 definitions]