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account a story or report; narrative. [1/15 definitions]
airtime broadcast time allotted, as to an event or news story, on television or radio.
allegory a symbolic story or narrative. [1/2 definitions]
anti-hero a central character in a story, novel, or play who lacks traditional heroic qualities, such as high purpose or moral strength.
apologue a short allegorical story usu. containing a moral; fable.
author the writer of a book, play, story, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
blow up to exaggerate, as a story. [1/5 definitions]
canard a deliberately false story or rumor, usu. defamatory to someone.
cat burglar a burglar who gains entry through upper windows, roof doors, and the like; second-story man.
cock-and-bull story an improbable, absurd, or unlikely story.
comic book a book or magazine that contains a series of cartoons telling a story or stories.
comic strip a series of cartoons, esp. in a newspaper, that narrates a funny or adventurous story.
dramatization a version of a story, event, novel, or the like that is made to take the form of a drama. [1/2 definitions]
embellish to enhance (a story or the like) with unnecessary or fictitious details. [1/2 definitions]
embellishment a fictitious or unneeded detail added to enhance a story or the like. [1/3 definitions]
entresol a low story of a building that is just above the street floor; mezzanine.
exclusive a news item or story that only one news organization has obtained. [1/5 definitions]
exemplum a short anecdotal story that supports a particular point in an argument or illustrates a moral truth. [1/2 definitions]
fable a fictitious story based on legend or myth. [1/4 definitions]
fairy tale a fictitious, sometimes incredible, imaginative story, often involving giants, ogres, elves, or other magical creatures and characters. [1/2 definitions]
folk tale a story of anonymous authorship, passed on orally by the common people of a region or country, and often incorporating the myths and legends of that people, or including a moral.