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arc a bright streak of electricity leaping the gap between two electrical conductors. [1/4 definitions]
freak2 to dot or streak with color. [2 definitions]
lightning natural electricity produced in thunderstorm clouds and appearing as a bright flash or streak of light in the sky. [1/3 definitions]
meteor the bright streak or flash seen in the sky made by generally small-sized space debris passing through the Earth's atmosphere and burning up due to high friction, often referred to as a shooting star.
rainbow trout a widely distributed freshwater trout with a reddish longitudinal streak and dark spots.
streak to form or make a streak or streaks on or in. [1/10 definitions]
striate to mark with striae or stripes; streak; furrow. [1/2 definitions]
wisp a thin bundle, bunch, tuft, streak, or the like, as of straw, hair, or smoke. [1/4 definitions]