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arduous of great energy or vigor; strenuous. [1/3 definitions]
endeavor a strenuous or conscientious attempt to accomplish something. [1/2 definitions]
exert to force (oneself) into vigorous or strenuous effort. [1/2 definitions]
exertion strenuous effort or action. [1/2 definitions]
punishing causing injury or exhaustion, usually by requiring strenuous physical effort. [1/2 definitions]
short-winded breathing in short choppy inhalations; unable to withstand strenuous exercise because of insufficient lung capacity. [1/2 definitions]
soft in poor shape for strenuous physical activity. [1/12 definitions]
stress fracture a hairline fracture, esp. in a leg or foot, that occurs as a result of repeated strenuous exercise and is a common ailment of professional runners, ballet dancers, and the like.
travail strenuous and often painful or exhausting work; toil. [1/4 definitions]