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ascetic extremely strict in religious observances involving self-denial and self-mortification. [1/3 definitions]
austere strict or ascetic in manner of living. [1/3 definitions]
Calvinism practices and beliefs based on these teachings, esp. a strict, severe code of morality. [1/2 definitions]
capuchin (cap.) a Roman Catholic monk belonging to a branch of the Franciscan order whose members observe strict vows of poverty and austerity. [1/3 definitions]
Carthusian a member of a very strict, contemplative Roman Catholic monastic order founded in the eleventh century.
clampdown a strict imposition of authority, rules, limitations, or the like; prohibition or suppression.
disciplinarian one who supports and imposes strict discipline.
Dixieland an early style of small-group jazz, characterized by a strict two-beat rhythm and by improvised ensemble and solo playing. [1/2 definitions]
easygoing not demanding or strict; lenient. [1/2 definitions]
equity in law, a system supplementing the common law and serving to allow flexibility in cases where strict application of the law would result in hardship or unfairness. [1/5 definitions]
exacting severe or strict in making demands. [1/2 definitions]
fraternity a social organization of male college students which usu. has a name composed of Greek letters, and which has a strict selection and initiation procedure. (Cf. sorority.) [1/4 definitions]
fugue a musical form or composition in which one or more themes are stated by one voice and are then restated and modified in counterpoint in strict order by several voices. [1/2 definitions]
fundamentalism (sometimes cap.) a movement within Protestant Christianity that accepts the literal truth of the Bible and encourages strict adherence to narrow moral and cultural norms.
hard strict, demanding, or critical. [1/11 definitions]
Hasid a member of a Jewish sect, founded in Poland in the eighteenth century, that emphasizes strict adherence to ritual and joyful worship of God.
knight in medieval times, a warrior on horseback, esp. one who had served an apprenticeship and followed a strict code of conduct. [1/5 definitions]
lax not rigorous, strict, or careful; loose; lenient. [1/3 definitions]
legalism strict adherence to the law, esp. excessive conformity to a literal interpretation of the law.
liberal not adhering to the literal, exact, or orthodox; freely interpretive; not strict. [1/8 definitions]
loose to make less formal or strict. [1/15 definitions]