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arrowhead the wedge-shaped barb on the striking end of an arrow. [1/3 definitions]
Aurora (l.c.) bands or streamers of light that appear in the sky at night in areas around the magnetic poles, caused by solar particles striking atoms in the outer part of the earth's atmosphere. (see aurora australis, aurora borealis.) [1/3 definitions]
beat to shape or make by striking. [1/15 definitions]
brilliant very striking or splendid in appearance, as color or scenery. [1/5 definitions]
bull's-eye something that strikes the center of a target, such as a shot, or the act of striking the center of a target. [1/3 definitions]
chime to produce (harmonious or melodious sounds) by striking a bell or bells. [1/8 definitions]
chink2 to make or cause to make a sharp, chimelike sound, as of two pieces of metal or glass striking together. [1/2 definitions]
clack to make a short, sharp sound or sounds such as are made by striking two hard objects together. [1/8 definitions]
clap to make a sharp, short sound, as that made by two flat-surfaced objects striking together. [1/11 definitions]
clatter to make a loud rattling noise, as by striking objects together or by moving. [1/3 definitions]
clear to pass by or near (something) without striking. [1/22 definitions]
clop a sharp, hollow striking sound, as of a horse's hoof on pavement. [1/2 definitions]
clump a heavy, dull, striking sound; thump. [1/6 definitions]
conspicuous attracting attention by exceptional or striking qualities; prominent. [1/2 definitions]
dash a striking or splashing action. [1/12 definitions]
detent a mechanical part that temporarily stops the motion of another, such as a catch that controls a clock's striking mechanism; pawl.
dramatic striking; impressive. [1/3 definitions]
drum to play (a piece of music) by striking a drum. [2/10 definitions]
dub1 to award the title of knight to by tapping or striking lightly on the shoulder, usu. with a sword. [1/2 definitions]
dulcimer a zitherlike musical instrument having numerous metal wires stretched over a trapezoidal soundbox, played by striking with light hammers or by plucking; hammered dulcimer. [1/2 definitions]
flaming (informal) extravagant, striking, or flagrant. [1/4 definitions]