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absolutist characterized by ideas, or a belief in ideas, whose truth is unconditional and not subject to any external standard. [1/3 definitions]
accidence the principles or rudiments of a subject. [1/2 definitions]
accursed having been made the subject of a curse; damned. [1/2 definitions]
active in grammar, designating the voice or form of a verb whose subject acts through the verb, rather than being the object of the verb's action, such as "signed" in "Five petitioners signed the document". (Cf. passive.) [1/6 definitions]
agent provocateur (French) a secret agent who incites other people to commit acts that will subject them to punishment or prosecution, or who incites others to acts of rebellion or subversion; troublemaker.
agreement in grammar, correspondence between the number, person, or grammatical gender of two syntactically connected words, esp.that of subject and verb or adjective and noun. [1/5 definitions]
alphabet the fundamental principles of a subject; rudiments. [1/2 definitions]
amoral not subject to moral distinctions; neither moral nor immoral. [1/2 definitions]
-ana collected items or information pertaining to (such) a subject.
-ant one that is subject to (such) an action. [1/4 definitions]
arguable suitable as a subject for argument. [1/2 definitions]
arithmetic a book on the subject of arithmetic. [1/3 definitions]
article a piece of nonfiction writing on a particular subject, as in a magazine. [1/4 definitions]
assay to subject to chemical analysis to determine composition, quality, or potency, as with drugs or precious metals; make an assay of. [1/8 definitions]
assignation the act or subject of assigning; assignment. [1/2 definitions]
atomize to subject to the effects of an atomic weapon. [1/3 definitions]
at someone's beck and call willing to fulfill or subject to another's commands or wishes.
bank account at a bank, the funds credited to a depositor and subject to withdrawal by him or her.
barrage to subject to a barrage, as of gunfire or words. [1/3 definitions]
be (in constructions linking a subject and predicate) to equal or to possess the characteristic or quality of. [1/10 definitions]
beat one's regular professional territory or subject matter. [1/15 definitions]