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accessory subordinate, nonessential, or supplementary. [1/4 definitions]
adjunct a person who assists another, esp. in a subordinate position. [2/4 definitions]
affiliate to associate or connect (oneself) as a subordinate member or branch (usu. fol. by "with"). [3/4 definitions]
ancillary subordinate or secondary. [1/2 definitions]
appendage one in a dependent or subordinate position. [1/3 definitions]
appendant in law, a subordinate possession or right that is attached to and transfers with a greater one. [1/4 definitions]
assist to act as a helper or subordinate to. [1/5 definitions]
assoc. abbreviation of "associate," or "associates," a person or persons holding a subordinate rank of membership.
associate a person holding a subordinate rank of membership. [2/10 definitions]
aux. abbreviation of "auxiliary," a person or thing that helps, assists, or supports, or a person or group that is subordinate or supplementary.
auxiliary being a subsidiary or subordinate. [2/7 definitions]
charter a document issued by a government or other central authority, permitting the organization of a corporation, branch, or other subordinate body. [1/7 definitions]
complex sentence a sentence composed of a main or independent clause and one or more dependent or subordinate clauses, such as "This is an independent clause, whereas this is a dependent clause".
dependent clause a clause that is syntactically not a complete sentence and is used only with an independent clause where it has the function of a noun, adjective, or adverb, such as "when he arrived" in "He seemed tired when he arrived"; subordinate clause; relative clause.
deputy authorized or acting as an assistant or next subordinate. [1/3 definitions]
devil any evil demon, esp. a subordinate of Satan. [1/8 definitions]
incidental happening or likely to happen concurrently or in connection with something else but as a subordinate or less important element. [2/4 definitions]
inferior subordinate in rank, position, or degree. [1/5 definitions]
lieutenant one who holds a subordinate position or who acts on behalf of a superior. [1/4 definitions]
minion a servile subordinate of someone in power; minor, servile official. [1/2 definitions]
play second fiddle to serve in a secondary or subordinate capacity.