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bearded having a substantial growth of beard.
effort exertion that requires substantial power or will. [1/4 definitions]
fair1 relatively large; substantial. [1/12 definitions]
flimsy not solid or substantial; fragile; weak. [1/3 definitions]
goodly large; substantial; considerable. [1/2 definitions]
Harlem a section of northern Manhattan in New York City, mostly African American since the early 1900s and with a substantial Hispanic population, known for both its poverty and its cultural richness.
hearty very nourishing; substantial. [1/6 definitions]
insubstantial lacking firmness or substance; not substantial; slight. [1/2 definitions]
in vain to no purpose; without substantial or lasting effect. [1/2 definitions]
ozone layer an atmospheric layer between ten and twenty miles above the earth that contains a substantial concentration of ozone, which absorbs ultraviolet radiation from space and prevents some heat loss from the earth; ozonosphere.
palimony a form of alimony, granted or paid after the separation of an unmarried couple who have lived as though married for a substantial period.
preconceive to have an idea or opinion about before having substantial knowledge of.
preconception an opinion or mental image formed without substantial knowledge.
shoreless without a substantial shore or beach.
solid firm and substantial; not liquid or gaseous. [1/14 definitions]
substantial that which is substantial. [1/8 definitions]
tidy (informal) substantial or large. [1/5 definitions]
token slight or minimal; not substantial. [2/8 definitions]
tree a perennial woody plant consisting of roots, a trunk, and branches, usu. growing to a substantial height. [1/5 definitions]
trimming (informal) a substantial defeat, a punishment, or a loss by being cheated. [1/5 definitions]
untouchable not substantial; intangible. [1/8 definitions]