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acting appointed as a temporary substitute for someone absent from an office or position; serving temporarily. [1/5 definitions]
alt.1 abbreviation of "alternate," one authorized to act in place of another; substitute.
alternate substitute; alternative. [2/9 definitions]
aspartame an artificial sweetener about two hundred times sweeter than sucrose, synthesized from amino acids and used as a low-calorie sugar substitute in manufactured soft drinks, cereals, cookies, and the like.
backup an alternate, substitute, or copy kept in reserve. [1/4 definitions]
camel's hair the hair of a camel, which is soft and fine, or a substitute for this hair. [1/2 definitions]
commute to exchange or substitute for something else. [2/7 definitions]
confabulate in psychiatry, to substitute fantasy for fact in the memory. [1/2 definitions]
cover to substitute for an absent party. [1/13 definitions]
creamer a commercial substitute for cream, as for use in coffee or tea. [1/3 definitions]
deputy someone authorized to be a substitute or assistant. [1/3 definitions]
ersatz serving as a substitute, esp. when of inferior quality. [2 definitions]
-ette imitation; substitute. [1/3 definitions]
false used temporarily as a substitute, supplement, or representation in construction. [1/7 definitions]
fill in to temporarily replace; be a substitute (often fol. by for). [1/2 definitions]
lay figure a jointed, usu. wooden model of the human body, used by artists as a substitute for a live model.
Lucite trademark for a clear plastic used esp. as a glass substitute.
margarine a butter substitute made of hydrogenated vegetable oils, milk, coloring agents, and other ingredients; oleo.
mica any of a group of silicated minerals occurring as crystalline structures that separate into thin, often transparent, chips or sheets, used as electrical insulation and as a substitute for glass at high temperatures; isinglas.
pinchbeck an alloy of zinc and copper, used in cheap jewelry as a substitute for gold. [1/3 definitions]
preempt to substitute for, as one television program for another. [1/4 definitions]