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guideway a travel way designed to support a specific form of transportation such as a subway train or monorail. [1/2 definitions]
local a vehicle of transport such as a bus or subway train that makes stops over short distances and travels within a confined area. (Cf. express.) [1/7 definitions]
metro a subway train or system.
motorman the operator of an electrified vehicle such as a subway train, trolley, streetcar, or the like. [1/2 definitions]
rapid transit a system of metropolitan public transportation, such as a subway, that uses elevated and underground electric trains moving quickly and unimpeded through the city.
third rail an added rail that carries the electric current in an electric railway or subway.
truck1 a swiveling frame with one or more sets of wheels, placed under each end of a railroad or subway car. [1/8 definitions]
underground (chiefly British) an underground passenger train or rail system, usu. electric, operating in a large metropolitan area; subway. [1/9 definitions]