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accomplish to succeed in doing or finishing, esp. something that requires effort. [1/3 definitions]
click (informal) to succeed; gain approval. [1/8 definitions]
competitive having a strong inclination to compete or to succeed in almost every situation. [1/3 definitions]
failure a person or thing that fails or does not succeed. [1/5 definitions]
flourish to do well; succeed; prosper. [1/10 definitions]
get ahead to advance; succeed.
hack1 (informal) to manage, succeed at, or cope with. [1/8 definitions]
hit to succeed in reaching a desired conclusion (usu. fol. by on or upon). [1/15 definitions]
inherit to receive property or succeed to a position or title as an heir, or have the right to do so. [1/5 definitions]
long shot any attempt or venture that has only a small chance of success but will offer great rewards if it does succeed. [1/3 definitions]
make it to do well; succeed. [2 definitions]
make the grade to achieve success by reaching a desired goal; succeed.
manage to accomplish or succeed in, usu. despite some difficulty. [1/6 definitions]
miss1 to fail; not succeed. [1/10 definitions]
nemesis that which one cannot beat, conquer, or succeed at; cause or agent of one's often repeated downfall. [1/3 definitions]
overcome to defeat or quell in a conflict; succeed in a struggle with. [1/5 definitions]
prosper to succeed or have good luck, esp. financially or materially; thrive.
pull oneself up by one's own bootstraps to succeed by one's own efforts.
score to succeed in a particular effort. [2/20 definitions]
scrape to succeed by a very small margin or with great difficulty (often fol. by through or by). [1/13 definitions]
scratch to succeed only with difficulty; earn or save barely enough to live (often fol. by by). [1/22 definitions]