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armor a suit of leather or mail, formerly used to protect the body in warfare. [1/5 definitions]
auction bridge a version of bridge in which players bid for the right to specify which suit will be trump, any extra tricks won beyond the contract being scored toward a game.
become to fit or suit; be appropriate for. [1/3 definitions]
bikini a very brief, two-piece bathing suit for women, or underpants cut like the bottom half of this bathing suit.
case1 in law, an action or suit. [1/9 definitions]
coat the jacket of a suit. [1/5 definitions]
coordinate (usu. pl.) pieces of clothing designed to be worn together as part of a suit or ensemble. [1/11 definitions]
countersuit combined form of suit.
crossruff a sequence of plays in a card game such as bridge in which each of a pair of partners leads a suit that the other partner trumps. [1/2 definitions]
diamond any shape resembling this, such as the red figure designating one suit in a deck of playing cards. [2/7 definitions]
dietetic specially prepared to suit a prescribed diet, as for weight loss. [1/2 definitions]
dinner jacket a suit consisting of such a jacket and dark trousers, worn with a bow tie and usu. a cummerbund. [1/2 definitions]
discard in card games, to throw out (a card) from one's hand, or play (a card in a different suit from the one led, and not a trump). [1/5 definitions]
double-breasted having a jacket or top styled like this, as a suit or dress. [1/2 definitions]
doubleton in bridge, a pair of cards that are the only ones in a player's hand of a given suit.
fit1 to be appropriate to or for; suit. [1/11 definitions]
flush4 a hand or set of playing cards all of the same suit, of special value in certain card games.
four flush in stud poker, a hand containing four visible cards of one suit.
four-flush in stud poker, to bluff that one has a true flush of five cards on the basis of holding four visible cards of the same suit. [1/2 definitions]
gauntlet1 a metal glove worn as part of a suit of armor. [1/2 definitions]
gear to suit or adapt to particular people or conditions. [1/8 definitions]