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accessory subordinate, nonessential, or supplementary. [1/4 definitions]
accidental a nonessential, unexpected, or supplementary factor, attribute, thing, or circumstance. [1/5 definitions]
add-on in computing, a supplementary program or piece of code written to alter, enhance, or extend the behavior of a main program. [1/2 definitions]
adjunct attached or connected but not fully integrated; supplementary; subordinate. [1/4 definitions]
attachment a supplementary device that can be fastened onto the main device; accessory. [1/6 definitions]
aux. abbreviation of "auxiliary," a person or thing that helps, assists, or supports, or a person or group that is subordinate or supplementary.
auxiliary serving as a supplement, as reserve troops; additional; supplementary. [2/7 definitions]
bald having no supplementary details or ornamentation; plain; bare. [1/4 definitions]
collateral secondary or supporting; supplementary. [1/5 definitions]
furnishing supplementary articles of dress. [1/2 definitions]
obiter dictum an incidental or supplementary judicial opinion that is not legally binding. [1/2 definitions]
rider a supplementary clause or amendment added to a legislative bill, insurance policy, or other document. [1/2 definitions]