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aliment to sustain or feed. [1/3 definitions]
amino acid any of the organic acids necessary to build proteins and sustain life, some of which cannot be synthesized in the body and so must be consumed in the diet.
critical mass the minimum mass of fissionable material necessary to sustain a nuclear chain reaction. [1/2 definitions]
food any substance that contains nutrients and is ingested by living creatures in order to sustain life, health, and growth. [1/3 definitions]
fuel anything that serves to initiate, sustain, or intensify an action or feeling. [1/5 definitions]
overpopulate to fill with more inhabitants than available resources can sustain.
pressurize to sustain normal air pressure in (an airplane or submarine). [1/2 definitions]
prop1 to support, stabilize, or sustain with or as if with a beam, stick, stone, or the like. [1/4 definitions]
subcritical of a nuclear reactor or device, unable to sustain a fission chain reaction. [1/2 definitions]
support to sustain or encourage (someone) during periods of stress or affliction. [1/10 definitions]
survive to sustain life or remain in existence or use. [1/5 definitions]
vacuum bottle a bottle or flask with a vacuum between its double walls which helps to sustain the original temperature of the contents; thermos.
vibraphone a percussion instrument similar to a marimba but with metal instead of wooden bars and electrically operated resonators that sustain the tone and produce a vibrato.
water a transparent, tasteless, and odorless liquid that takes the form of rain, rivers, oceans, and lakes and is required to sustain most forms of life. [1/14 definitions]
wear to deteriorate or sustain damage through prolonged use or friction. [1/15 definitions]