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careen esp. of a vehicle, to sway while moving fast, or to move fast and unsteadily. [2/5 definitions]
influence corrupt use of personal connections to sway someone in a position of authority. [2/4 definitions]
pendulous hanging downward; suspended so as to swing or sway. [1/2 definitions]
reel2 to sway or stagger, as from fatigue or intoxication. [1/6 definitions]
rock2 to sway strongly back and forth or from side to side. [1/9 definitions]
shake to cause to tremble or sway; vibrate. [1/16 definitions]
stagger to cause to sway or stand unsteadily. [1/8 definitions]
totter to sway or falter as if about to fall or collapse. [1/3 definitions]
vacillate to sway, fluctuate, or oscillate. [1/2 definitions]
waggle to sway, shake, or move unsteadily from side to side; wobble. [1/3 definitions]
waver1 to move back and forth in a fluttering motion; sway. [1/6 definitions]