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acetal a colorless, flammable, volatile liquid compound used as a solvent, in perfumes and cosmetics, in organic synthesis, and to induce hypnosis. [1/2 definitions]
azobenzene an orange-red, nonsoluble crystalline compound obtained from nitrobenzene, used in organic synthesis, as an insecticide, and in the making of dyes.
benzoin a white or yellowish crystalline powder used in organic synthesis and in making antiseptics. [1/3 definitions]
butyl alcohol any of four isomeric alcohols with three carbon molecules, obtained from petroleum products and used in organic synthesis or as solvents.
chemosynthesis the synthesis of organic substances by an organism using energy provided by a chemical reaction.
cistron in biology, the smallest strand of DNA needed for the synthesis of one polypeptide; gene.
codon in biology, a triplet of nucleotides in the messenger RNA, which specifies amino acids in the synthesis of protein molecules.
cyanogen a poisonous organic gas of carbon and nitrogen that is used for chemical warfare, as a rocket propellant, and in organic synthesis.
dopamine an intermediate product in the body's synthesis of many substances, such as melanin, and a neurotransmitter essential to normal nerve functioning.
messenger RNA a single-stranded molecule of ribonucleic acid that carries a code from the DNA, where it is synthesized, to the cytoplasm, where it specifies the sequence of amino acids required for protein synthesis.
methyl chloride a colorless, poisonous gas, used as a local anesthetic, in refrigeration, and in organic synthesis.
phenothiazine a greenish organic compound used to expel intestinal worms in domestic animals, as an insecticide, and in the synthesis of tranquilizers.
propane a colorless flammable gas found in petroleum and natural gas and used for fuel and in chemical synthesis.
propylene a colorless combustible gas derived during the refining of petroleum and used in organic synthesis.
quinoline a colorless liquid compound obtained from bones, coal tar, or alkaloids, or by synthesis, that is used as a solvent and in the making of dyes, antiseptics, and the like. [1/2 definitions]
resynthesis combined form of synthesis.
ribosome any of various small particles in the cytoplasm of a cell that contain RNA and are active in protein synthesis.
RNA any of several single-stranded nucleic acids containing the sugar ribose that occur in the cytoplasm of all living cells and are essential in protein synthesis; ribonucleic acid.
synthesize to bring about a synthesis. [1/3 definitions]
synthetic of, pertaining to, resulting from, or involving synthesis. [1/5 definitions]
template a molecule that functions as a model for the synthesis of larger molecules, as DNA does for RNA. [1/3 definitions]