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4WD abbreviation of "four-wheel drive," a car that drives by means of all four wheels rather than the rear wheels only, or the drive system of such, in which both front and rear wheel axles are turned by the drive shaft.
ABO system a classification system for the inherited antigens found on the surface of human red blood cells, which determine compatibility for blood transfusions.
absolute monarchy an authoritarian governing system in which a hereditary ruler holds complete power until death.
A/C abbreviation of "air conditioning," a system that circulates cooled and dehumidified air in a building, car, or other space.
accounting the profession, system, or activity of recording and maintaining the records of financial transactions of individuals or businesses.
accumulator an apparatus in a hydraulic or pneumatic system that stores and regulates the supply of fluid that provides pressure in the system. [1/3 definitions]
adornment an ornamental item, or a system or set of these. [1/2 definitions]
aerobics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a system of physical conditioning involving sustained and vigorous exercise such as running, swimming, cycling, or dancing, that stimulates the heart and lungs and thereby improves the body's ability to utilize oxygen.
aesthetic an aesthetic theory, system, or point of view. [1/3 definitions]
AIDS acronym of "acquired immune deficiency syndrome," a usu. fatal viral disease of the body's immune system, transferred through blood, sexual contact, contaminated hypodermic needles, or the like.
aikido a system of self-defense, originating in Japan, in which an opponent's strength and weight are used against him or her by using specific throws and holds.
airbrake a brake or brake system operated by the force of compressed air against a piston.
air conditioning a system that circulates cooled and dehumidified air in a building, car, or other space.
airline a system of transportation by air offering scheduled flights between various points, or a business that owns and operates the equipment required by such a system. [1/2 definitions]
airship a lighter-than-air aircraft, with its own propulsion system and steering control.
algorism the system of numbering and calculating in Arabic numerals and decimals; decimal system.
alignment the act of arranging, adjusting, or forming into a straight line, logical sequence, or coordinated system. [1/4 definitions]
Alpha Centauri a double star in the constellation Centaurus, the closest star to the solar system, having a combined magnitude of -0.3.
AM a system of varying a radio signal's amplitude so as to impose the signal on a carrier wave; amplitude modulation. [2 definitions]
American plan a system by which hotels charge a fixed rate for room, meals, and service. (Cf. European plan.)
amphetamine a drug that stimulates the central nervous system, depressing appetite and heightening activity.