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Britannia metal an alloy of tin, copper, antimony, and other metals, similar to pewter and used for tableware.
chinaware tableware, ornaments, or the like made of china.
flatware relatively flat tableware, such as plates and saucers. [1/2 definitions]
gold plate tableware or containers made of or plated with gold. [1/2 definitions]
hollowware tableware, esp. silver serving dishes, that is relatively hollow or concave.
nickel silver a silver-colored, hard, durable, corrosion-resistant alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel, used for utensils, tableware, and the like.
pewter a tin alloy, used formerly for kitchen vessels or implements, but now mostly for decorative objects and tableware. [1/2 definitions]
porcelain objects, esp. dishes and tableware, made of this material. [1/3 definitions]
silver plate tableware that is made of, or coated with, silver. [1/2 definitions]
sterling fine silver used in the manufacture of tableware, jewelry, and the like. [2/7 definitions]