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countertactics combined form of tactics.
gamesmanship the art or act of using questionable, though legal, tactics to win at games or contests.
jackbooted marked by bullying brutality, as police or military tactics against civilians.
Jacobin a member of a society of radical democrats that used terrorist tactics during the French Revolution. [1/3 definitions]
Ku Klux Klan a secret society founded in Georgia in 1915 that was inspired by the former and uses terrorist tactics to achieve segregation of blacks. [1/2 definitions]
land-grabber a person who uses unfair or fraudulent tactics to gain possession of land.
psychology mental tactics or strategy, esp. in dealing with others. [1/3 definitions]
reprisal the use of force or political tactics to strike back against another country without actually going to war. [1/2 definitions]
SWAT a team of law enforcement officers specially trained to deal with violent or dangerous situations (acronym for "special weapons and tactics").
tactical of or relating to tactics. [2 definitions]
tactician one skilled in using or devising tactics.