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biddy2 (informal) a fussy or talkative old woman.
chatty tending to chat; talkative. [1/2 definitions]
close-mouthed saying little; not talkative; reticent.
flibbertigibbet a foolish, flighty, or talkative person.
gabby (informal) tending to talk too much or too long; talkative.
magpie one who is talkative; chatterbox. [1/3 definitions]
overtalkative combined form of talkative.
popinjay a vain, frivolous, and talkative person.
rattlebrain a silly, frivolous, overly talkative person.
talky talkative. [1/2 definitions]
truth serum a drug that makes a subject talkative or open to suggestion and perhaps likely to reveal consciously or unconsciously withheld information, used by police or military interrogators and some psychotherapists.
voluble characterized by a steady flow of words; fluent; talkative.