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Airedale one of a breed of large, long-legged terriers with wiry tan hair and black markings.
almond a light tan color resembling that of the flesh of the almond. [1/6 definitions]
barn swallow a small insect-eating bird with dark blue and tan plumage and a deeply forked tail, that often nests in barns and similar structures.
beagle a small, short-legged hound with long ears and a smooth coat, usu. having black, tan, and white markings.
beige a soft grayish tan color.
camel's hair a usu. tan cloth made from this hair, often mixed with wool, and used to make coats or the like. [1/2 definitions]
cougar a large tan wild cat of North and South America; mountain lion; puma.
Doberman pinscher a breed of large dog that has short, smooth, usu. black hair with tan markings, often used as a guard dog.
ecru a pale yellowish or grayish tan color.
Gordon setter any of a Scottish breed of medium-sized hunting dog having a soft, silky black and tan coat.
jersey (cap.) a dairy cow of a tan-coated breed developed for rich milk. [1/3 definitions]
lion a large carnivorous member of the cat family, native to Africa and parts of Asia, that has a short tan coat and, in the male, a heavy mane. [1/3 definitions]
meerkat a small mammal with gray and tan fur, related to the mongoose and native to South Africa.
oribi a small tan African antelope with straight short horns and a tuft of hair growing from each knee.
palomino one of a breed of horses that has a golden or tan coat and a whitish mane and tail.
pistachio an edible nut with a green tint, the tan shell of which is sometimes dyed red. [1/3 definitions]
pongee a soft, thin silk fabric of uneven texture and natural tan color.
Rhodesian ridge-back a large, muscular breed of hunting dog developed in southern Africa that has a tan or tannish red coat and a ridge along the spine formed by the hairs growing forward rather than with the rest of the coat.
Rottweiler (sometimes l.c.) any of a breed of strong German dog having short black hair and tan markings.
sunbathe to expose the body to the sun's rays, esp. in order to tan the skin.
tan a solution made from tanbark, used to tan leather. [2/8 definitions]