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kolinsky the tawny fur of this animal. [1/2 definitions]
mandrill a large West African baboon with a beard, crest, and mane, a tawny coat, and, on the mature male, bright blue and red ribbed markings on the face.
mountain lion a large, powerful, tawny wild cat of the Western Hemisphere; cougar.
nilgai a large Indian antelope, the male of which is bluish gray with short horns and a black mane, and the female tawny with no horns.
red squirrel a common North American tree squirrel with reddish or tawny fur.
tawny of or pertaining to the color tawny. [1/2 definitions]
tiger a large flesh-eating Asian mammal of the cat family that has a distinctive tawny coat marked by black stripes. [1/3 definitions]
whippoorwill a nocturnal, insect-eating bird of eastern North America that has gray, black, white, and tawny plumage and is named for the sound of its call.