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academic freedom in educational institutions, the freedom of a teacher to teach, of a student to learn, and of both to discuss and hold opinions, esp. about social, political, and moral issues, without arbitrary interference or reprisals by school or public officials, organized groups, or the like.
catechize to teach (someone) by a question and answer method, esp. religious principles. [1/2 definitions]
didactic showing or having a tendency to teach, preach, or moralize. [1/2 definitions]
docile easy to train or teach. [1/2 definitions]
drill1 to teach or train by means of disciplined or repetitive activities. [1/12 definitions]
educate to teach a person or group. [1/4 definitions]
governess a woman hired to care for and teach the child or children of a family.
instruct to teach; educate; inform. [1/2 definitions]
lesson to teach. [1/6 definitions]
missionary a person, often a member of a church or religious order, who is sent to a foreign country to teach, heal, or serve. [1/4 definitions]
nurture to provide training for; teach. [1/4 definitions]
profess to teach (a subject) at the college or university level. [1/7 definitions]
reteach combined form of teach.
taught past tense and past participle of teach.
trammel a restraint used on a horse's feet to teach it to amble; fetter. [1/6 definitions]
tutor to teach or instruct, esp. privately or individually. [1/6 definitions]