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acupressure a process or technique intended to relieve pain or cure disease by the application of pressure with the hands to specific parts of the body. [2 definitions]
allogamy the technique or process of cross-fertilization in plants.
aquarelle (French) watercolor painting with transparent colors, or a painting done by this technique.
autosuggestion in psychology, a technique of changing one's own behavior or beliefs by repeating certain phrases or ideas to oneself.
batik a technique for dyeing that involves covering certain areas of the fabric with removable wax in order to repel the dye. [1/2 definitions]
boxing2 the sport, profession, or technique of fighting with the fists.
brewing the technique or procedure of making beer, ale, or the like. [1/3 definitions]
bricklaying the technique or trade of constructing something, such as a building, with bricks.
cartography the art or technique of producing maps.
choreography the technique of representing dancers' movements with a systematic notation. [1/2 definitions]
cinematography the art or technique of photographing motion pictures.
comparative using comparison as a technique for study. [1/5 definitions]
decoration an act, process, or technique of decorating. [1/3 definitions]
decoupage the technique of decorating something with cut-out pictures on paper or other material, covered by a flat finish or varnish. [2/3 definitions]
drypoint an engraving technique, used esp. on copper, in which furrows are incised with a hard steel needle so as to leave a burr at the sides for a softer outline. [1/2 definitions]
electrotypy the technique and process of making an electrotype.
étude a musical composition featuring a particular technique, or intended mainly for practice in that technique.
eviscerate of an organ, esp. in the abdomen, to protrude through an incision after surgery, because of improper healing or error in technique. [1/3 definitions]
execution manner, style, or quality of performance; technique. [1/4 definitions]
fagoting a technique for trimming or decorating cloth with crisscross stitches across an open seam, or with vertical threads tied at midpoint in bundles spaced across a section with no horizontal threads.
fly casting the act, technique, or sport of fishing by casting a heavy line, from a lightweight flexible rod, to which an artificial fly has been attached by means of a light leader.