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cable to send (a message) by telegraph. [1/11 definitions]
cablegram a telegraph message sent by underwater cable.
communication (pl.) means of transferring messages, such as telephone, telegraph, television, radio, and the like. [1/3 definitions]
lineman a person who installs or repairs electric power, telephone, or telegraph lines; linesman. [1/3 definitions]
money order an order for the payment of a specific sum of money that is issued for a fee atone bank, post office, or telegraph office, and is payable to another.
radiogram a message transmitted using radio signals or wireless telegraph. [1/2 definitions]
radiotelegraph a telegraph in which signals are transmitted by radio rather than by wires.
telegram a communication sent by telegraph.
telegraph to send (a communication) by telegraph, or communicate with (someone) by telegraph. [1/4 definitions]
telegraphy the transmission or communication of messages by telegraph.
teletypewriter a device resembling a typewriter, by which messages can be sent or received through telephone or telegraph lines.
transmitter the part of a telephone or telegraph that changes sound waves or mechanical movements into electrical impulses than can be conveyed to a receiver. [1/3 definitions]
trunk a telephone or telegraph line connecting two central offices or switching devices. [1/10 definitions]
wire the line or cable used in a telephone, telegraph, or electric power system. [2/14 definitions]
wireless a radio telephone or telegraph set or system. [2/4 definitions]