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benefice land held by a feudal tenant as a return for services to the owner. [1/3 definitions]
evict to remove (a tenant or the like) from a premises by legal procedure. [1/2 definitions]
homage a formal, public pledge of allegiance to a feudal lord by a tenant or vassal. [1/2 definitions]
rent1 a periodic payment made by a tenant to an owner of property for the right to occupy or use that property. [1/5 definitions]
renter one who rents property; tenant. [1/2 definitions]
sharecropper a tenant farmer who gives a portion of his or her crop to the owner of the land as rent.
subtenant a person who rents property from a tenant.
tenant to hold, occupy, or use as a tenant; inhabit. [2/5 definitions]
tenantable combined form of tenant.
tenantless combined form of tenant.
tenantry the state of being a tenant. [1/2 definitions]
tenement a room or apartment rented to a tenant. [1/4 definitions]