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-ably in a manner that indicates the capability of or tendency toward performing, or being the object of, (such) an action.
-acity (such) a characteristic, condition, or tendency.
appetency a natural, instinctive tendency; propensity. [1/2 definitions]
articulate spoken in clear and distinct words or syllables, or having a tendency to speak clearly and distinctly. [1/10 definitions]
barge to move clumsily, with a tendency to bump into things. [1/4 definitions]
Bolshevik a political extremist of socialist or anarchist tendency (used pejoratively). [1/3 definitions]
caprice a tendency to unpredictable changes; capriciousness. [1/3 definitions]
cast tendency; inclination. [1/18 definitions]
changeful having a tendency to change; inconstant.
cleavage the tendency to split along certain definite lines, as in some stones. [1/4 definitions]
collocation in linguistics, the tendency of certain words to occur together in speech or writing with more frequency than chance would predict, or the particular ways that words tend to combine with each other within a particular language. [1/2 definitions]
compliance an inclination or tendency to yield to others. [1/2 definitions]
countertendency combined form of tendency.
crosscurrent (often pl.) a tendency or movement, as of politics or ideas that is counter to the main tendency or movement. [1/2 definitions]
current a trend or tendency. [1/5 definitions]
defeatism the tendency to expect defeat or accept defeat with resignation.
diatropism the tendency of some plant organs to assume a position at a right angle to the direction of an external stimulus.
didactic showing or having a tendency to teach, preach, or moralize. [1/2 definitions]
direction course, tendency, or inclination. [1/7 definitions]
disposition a tendency or inclination. [1/6 definitions]
downturn a turn or tendency downward, as in business or the economy; decline.