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abbacy the authority, term of office, or rights of an abbot.
abstraction an abstract or general idea, concept, or term. [1/4 definitions]
administration the executive officers of a government, considered collectively, or the term of office of such officers. [1/3 definitions]
apostolate the office, duties, mission, or term of activity of an apostle, or, esp., of the pope as head of the Apostolic See in the Roman Catholic Church.
archbishopric the position, rank, or term of an archbishop. [1/2 definitions]
babu a Hindu form of address that is the equivalent of Mr. or Sir, used in eastern India as a term of respect.
bhai a term of respect among Hindus meaning "brother."
big picture an overall view or perspective that considers larger or long-term implications (prec. by the).
black lung a lung disease, esp. of miners, that is caused by long-term exposure to coal dust.
blind trust certain personal assets, such as stocks, placed under the confidential management of an independent trustee, as in an effort to avoid conflict of interest during one's term of public office. [1/2 definitions]
bwana in parts of Africa, a term of respect formerly used by natives when addressing Europeans.
cardinalate that which pertains to a Catholic cardinal, such as his rank, term of office, or dignity. [1/2 definitions]
climatology the scientific study of long-term patterns of weather conditions; science of climates.
coefficient the constant part of an algebraic term involving multiplication. [1/2 definitions]
commercial bank a bank that is involved primarily in receiving demand deposits that are used as checking accounts, and in making short-term loans.
consulate the position or term of office of a consul. [1/2 definitions]
coolie a low-paid, unskilled worker, esp. in or from China or India (used as a term of disrespect).
curacy the position, duties, or term in office of a curate.
dame an honorific term used in the past for a woman in authority, such as a head of household. [1/3 definitions]
dean's list a list of students with the highest overall academic grade averages in a given term.
dictatorship the office or term of a dictator. [1/2 definitions]