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apocalypse any instance of terrible destruction and devastation, esp. on a scale that could bring about an end to the world. [1/3 definitions]
appellative a descriptive name or title, as "Terrible" in "Ivan the Terrible". [1/4 definitions]
counter word (chiefly American) a commonly used word whose current meanings have little relationship to its original meaning, such as "nice" or "terrible".
direful awful; terrible. [1/2 definitions]
enormity a terrible crime or offense; outrage. [1/3 definitions]
frightful terrible or frightening. [1/2 definitions]
mortal of great and unrelenting severity; terrible; inexorable. [1/6 definitions]
nightmare an experience, event, or state of mind suggestive of a terrible dream. [1/2 definitions]
tremendous frightening; terrible. [1/3 definitions]