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germanium a tetravalent metal chemical element that has thirty-two protons in each nucleus and occurs naturally as a contaminant of coal, but can be purified for use in transistors and as a component of high-quality optical glass. (symbol: Ge)
hafnium a chemical element that has seventy-two protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a tetravalent metal often found in combination with zirconium, used in pure form for applications such as nuclear reactor control rods because it absorbs neutrons well. (symbol: Hf)
manganite any of several salts containing tetravalent manganese. [1/2 definitions]
palladic of or containing tetravalent palladium.
platinic of, containing, or similar to platinum, esp. tetravalent platinum.
quadrivalent having a valence of four; tetravalent. [1/2 definitions]
stannic of or containing tin, esp. when tetravalent.
tetrad in chemistry, an element, radical, or atom that is tetravalent. [1/3 definitions]