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abnormal psychology the branch of psychology that is concerned with patterns of behavior, thought, and feeling that deviate greatly from average patterns.
abracadabra a nonsense word thought to produce a magical effect such as the warding off of disaster or disease. [1/2 definitions]
abstract formulated in the mind or in thought and not necessarily connected with what is real, proven, or tangible. [1/13 definitions]
absurd contrary to rational thought; illogical; ridiculous. [1/2 definitions]
achievement something successfully carried through, esp. through bold or brave action or thought. [1/2 definitions]
afield off the familiar or desired track, as in speech or thought. [1/3 definitions]
aforethought planned or thought of in advance; premeditated.
afterthought a thought that occurs after the conclusion of something, sometimes too late to be of use. [1/2 definitions]
aloe vera a plant with spiky leaves that contain a juice thought to heal cuts and burns. [1/2 definitions]
aperçu a quick impression, thought, or insight. [1/3 definitions]
apprehend to understand the meaning of, esp. immediately or without logical thought. [1/4 definitions]
aristocracy any group or category thought to be superior. [1/5 definitions]
artificial intelligence the research in and development of computer programs or computers to initiate human thought processes such as reasoning or decision-making.
automatic occurring unconsciously or without thought. [1/4 definitions]
automaton a person who behaves mechanically or automatically, as if without thought. [1/2 definitions]
babble to speak without thought or direction; chatter. [2/8 definitions]
beatnik a person whose values, self-expression, and dress reflect a rejection of conventional norms of thought and behavior; hippie. [1/2 definitions]
bemuse to cause to be preoccupied or lost in thought. [1/2 definitions]
benedict a newly married man, esp. one who was previously thought unlikely to marry.
benumb to paralyze in thought or action. [1/2 definitions]
bioflavonoid any of a group of yellow hydrocarbon pigments found in many flowers and fruits, once thought to be important as a vitamin in humans; vitamin P.