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afterburner a device that increases the thrust of a jet engine by injecting fuel into the exhaust gases for burning. [1/2 definitions]
air bag a bag in the front of some automobile interiors that inflates automatically in a collision and prevents the passengers from being thrust forward.
buttress a structure that gives support to the outside of a building by absorbing excessive outward thrust. [1/4 definitions]
catapult thrust by or as though by a catapult. [1/5 definitions]
counterthrust combined form of thrust.
dart to propel, thrust, or shoot out suddenly. [1/6 definitions]
dash to hurl or thrust (something) violently, esp. so as to break or shatter. [1/12 definitions]
dig to shove or thrust. [2/8 definitions]
dub2 to push, poke, or thrust at. [2/4 definitions]
fanjet a jet engine that uses an impeller fan to draw in more air than is needed for fuel combustion, the excess being mixed with the products of the combustion to form an exhaust jet that provides extra thrust; turbofan. [1/2 definitions]
feint a movement or thrust in a misleading direction, or a slight attack at a misleading point, to draw one's opponent away from the real target, as in sports or military combat. [1/5 definitions]
intrude to enter or thrust oneself in when not invited or welcomed. [2 definitions]
jet engine an engine that develops thrust by the backward expulsion of a jet of fluid or gaseous products of combustion, used esp. in aircraft.
kick a violent backward thrust, as of a gun when fired. [1/14 definitions]
obtrude to thrust or force (oneself, one's concerns, or one's opinions) on another or others without being asked. [2/3 definitions]
poke to project, esp. suddenly; thrust. [1/12 definitions]
press1 to insist on or thrust (something) upon another or others. [1/16 definitions]
propel to cause to move or keep moving forward or onward; thrust, push, or drive.
protrusile capable of being protruded or thrust out, as a hummingbird's tongue or an elephant's trunk.
pulsejet engine a jet engine in which the pulsating thrust is provided by intermittent combustion produced by rapid opening and closing of the air intake valves.
push to thrust (something) away from oneself. [1/13 definitions]